Cathrina Claas-Mühlhäuser at the Chinese-German Economic Forum

Chinese-German Economic Forum

The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin during the first week of June and also met for a joint dinner with representatives from German trade and industry, including Cathrina Claas-Mühlhäuser.

Cathrina Claas-Mühlhäuser, who visited the site in Gaomi on her recent trip to China, attended the "Shaping Innovation Together" event with other industry representatives as part of the Chinese-German Economic Forum, where both Angela Merkel and Li Keqiang spoke out for the expansion and consolidation of good German-Chinese relations.

CLAAS is increasingly expanding its role in China. CLAAS sealed the takeover of Shandong Jinyee Machinery in January 2017 by increasing its interest to 100 percent. The name was changed to CLAAS Agricultural Machinery (Shandong) Co. Ltd as part of the deal. China's population continues to grow, so the modernisation and mechanisation of agricultural technology is very important for the steady expansion of the farming sector in the People's Republic.