Own warehouse facilities

On 4,400 square meters we store more than 5,200 kinds of parts to be ready to deliver whenever you need them. To offer even faster and uncomplicated service during harvest season, we establish regional spare parts center with all necessary parts in stock. Thus, we are at your service 24 hours and 7 days a week to keep possible downtime of your machine as low as possible to finally maximize your efficiency.

100% operational reliability

The use of CHUNYU original spare parts fitted by service technicians is your best guarantee of maximum operational reliability. Our spare parts are perfectly fitted, premium-quality standard parts produced by established manufacturing processes, with ongoing quality control inspections.


CHUNYU ORIGINAL lubricants are your guarantee of optimum machine reliability and machine lifetime. They have been fully tested by the technical development team at CLAAS Shandong and naturally meet all technical standards, as well as the increasing lubrication requirements for engine, transmission systems, and hydraulics. They cover the entire product range of CHUNYU machinery, and are also suitable for many other machines.