Small in stature, powerful in the field.


Small in stature, powerful in the field.

  1. Optional pivoting drawbar
  2. Hydraulic shifting of drawbar
  3. Hydraulic lifting of pick up
  4. Short crop guard
  5. Two sides suspended pick up
  6. Individual overload protection
  7. Twine compartment for 10 roles
  8. Straight plunger shape
  9. Reliable welded needle
  10. CLAAS knotter system
  11. Simultaneous all sides compression baling chamber
  12. Two lever bale density adjustment with indication
  13. Divided bale ramp
  14. Synchronized direct drive off baling components
  15. Changeability and availability of wear parts

Pivoting drawbar

The pivoting drawbar is ideal for small fields as it reduces the turning radius to about 2m, thus increasing the output per day.

Suspended pick-up

The two-sided suspended pickup follows the ground smoothly - even with high speed in uneven fields. It reduces losses to get more bales out of the field.

Bale chamber

The bale chamber results in a perfect square shape and high bale density. The long bale chamber and the compaction from all sides let you safe money for transportation and storing at the same time.

Easy adjustment of bale density

The bale is compressed from all side, the adjustment of the density is easy with just two lever. An indication assures the same density on both sides and bales of perfect shape.

Direct synchronized drive line

Important baling components are driven without chains which leads to a perfectly synchronized baler with easy maintenance, long lifetime of components and reduced risk of major breakdowns

Large twine compartment

10 roles of twine assure a long operation time without stop to refill. This increases throughput per day.

CLAAS Quality Check

The CLAAS quality check ensures CLAAS world known quality standard before the machines are delivered to customers.